Calvo Sealing

Thermal Insulation

In Calvo Sealing one of the fundamental pillars of our products are thermal insulation. That is why we work with the latest technologies, to always be at the forefront of the materials that offer the best thermal insulation, in order to maximize the resources of your company, and thus increase profits.

1. What is thermal insulation?

Thermal insulation is one of the multiple techniques used to control the transmissions of thermal energy between different bodies. So we avoid that on the one hand energy is lost or on the other it spreads to places where we do not want, putting our security at risk.

2. How does thermal insulation work?

The thermal insulation of Calvo Sealing is based on the best materials that adapt more precisely to the type of structure, fluid or element, to more effectively isolate the energy that propagates in them. With the ultimate goal of increasing the safety of the work environment; something primordial in the 21st century. At the same time, the saving aspect of energy resources is fostered, thus producing a greater final benefit.

3. Types of thermal insulation

In bald sealing work to offer the types of thermal insulation that best suit your needs, so we have a wide catalog of material. In addition, we never close the door to other products, if these are demanded by the client. Within our repertoire of thermal insulators you can find: textiles, ceramic and biosoluble fibers, glass fibers, high temperature glass fiber and refractories.