Calvo Sealing

Who we are

55 years of experience and know-how precede Calvo Sealing, a leading fluid sealing specialized company that globally manufactures and provides quality products to a wide range of industries such as chemistry, oil&gas, and others.

Calvo Sealing is unique in Spain, counting on a factory settled in Barcelona able to offer best-fit solutions with shorter logistic radios, shorter timings and greater flexibility –we offer standard as well as exotic measures.

Additional facilities in Spain, LATAM , Morocco, Hungary, etc. and strategic partnerships with traders and manufacturing leaders support an unbeatable service, leading challenges to commercial successes and creating real value.

We are able to design solutions, and manufacture, assist and advice about them. All this with an exceptional organizational structure, and complemented with our own RSC policy, trying to favour employment, among others.

Crisis and other adversities overcome by the company have made us become what we are today: an experienced and reliable company, full of motivation and in constant evolution and growth, always seeking to optimize products, processes, and solutions. A company in which large industries trust.

A company with history

Isidoro Calvo Perez dedicated his life to packings, in a constant search for quality and perfection. It was many years ago when he was commissioned to design and build a braiding machine to make square braided packing. Four machines were built and installed in a company located in Santurce (Basque Country), in which he worked as technical director.

But it was in 1954 when Isidoro, after returning to his hometown and associating with José Llavador, began manufacturing gaskets on his own, with the help of new machines he had built.

In 1962 the company undergoes a division, being born this way “Juntas José Llavador” and “Empaquetaduras Braced I. Calvo”, settling in Hospitalet de Llobregat.
After 30 years, in 1992, machinery from two competing companies was also incorporated and, now settling in Rubí, the company continues to grow successfully and thus expanding its range of products.

In 2002 when the transfer arrives to Sant Esteve Sesrovires, where its production continues today. A few years later he underwent a name change as a result of the expansion of his products to different countries. Then it is called “Calvo Sealing”, as we know it today.


Also the Calvo Sealing logo hides its history in the strokes. And is that it is neither more nor less than the silhouette of the design and circuit made by the spools of thread in the preparation of the original two-way gasket, followed in the first braiding machine built by Mr. Isidoro Calvo Pérez.

As the creator of the same and founder of the company, with its initials the protagonists of the initials that complete the logo.