Calvo Sealing

Static Sealing

At Calvo Sealing we are specialists in sealing joints, which is why we work to offer you the best solutions for your static seal. We advise you so that our services adapt to your needs, adapting our materials to your demands.

1. What is static sealing?

Sealing gaskets, also called static sealing are the specialty of Calvo Sealing; These could be summarized as the union of two elements that have no movement with the sole purpose of preventing a leak from occurring.

2. What is the static seal for?

Our static seal serves as a tool that helps prevent leaks that can occur with the union of two elements that do not have movements, thus preventing liquid leaks or other elements that put at risk the safety of those around him.

3. Types of sealing gaskets

In our warehouses you can find a wide variety of types of sealing gaskets, so that you can find the one that best suits your needs, and that is that each type of static seal offers you some advantages. Within our sealing joints you can find, among others, flat gaskets cut from elastomer, semi-metallic joints or metal joints. Although it is not what you are looking for, we look for solutions and we look for what suits you best.