Calvo Sealing


Calvo Sealing offers a large catalog of gaskets, all always focused on obtaining the highest satisfaction in our customers; For this reason, our packings are produced with the latest technological advances and the best materials, which are currently available in the market.

1. What are packings?

The packings of Calvo Sealing are braids of normally are square section, with the aim that they are installed in dynamic equipment. One of the best options in terms of packaging is concerned, even so, we do not leave out any innovation that can improve our product or that the customer demands, in order to always meet expectations.

2. What are the packings used for?

Our gaskets serve to carry out sealing gaskets in the places where the equipment is already installed, so we adapt our gaskets to the needs of these equipment. Making the material with which we work in Calvo Sealing more effective.

3. Types of packings

Undoubtedly the philosophy of Calvo Sealing is to always work with the latest materials that are offered in the market, since one of our hallmarks lies in the quality of our raw material. So we do not hesitate to always look for the best materials for our packings. Materials that position our gaskets among the best in the sector. In our catalog, you can find the types of gaskets that best suit your needs. So you can see materials ranging from cotton, linen, aramid, graphite, Teflon (PTFE), coal or ramie among others.